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32 Salt Lake City. Work at CHG Healthcare/CompHealth. U of U grad in exercise physiology. Gym is life. Fishing, family, and fun.

@zcall3 photos and videos

As they say all good things have to come to an end. We all had a blast and loved every minute of it! We are all pretty tired though after 27 miles walked in 3 days.. my dogs are barking! ...NBD!!


We became official wizards today!! Butter beer is pretty dang good!! Universal was crazy. Day 2 in the books and we are feeling it! Here’s to a day 3 rally tomorrow!


Day 1 was a success! Although it rained the first 2 hours non stop it made it so we could get on rides with no wait. Turned into a perfect weather day and we never waited longer than 30 min in line with our fast pass mastery.


Happy birthday to my lady!!! @collectively.keesha She is so pretty I don’t know what to do with my hands when she is around as you can see from the pic. I am super lucky to have her in my life. She makes killer cookies, knows how to have fun, is an amazing mom, makes me feel special, and so much more! I am a lucky man! Everyone wish her a happy birthday!!


We had a good time competing at @fitcon this weekend. Good fun, good lifting and even better company! Came out on top as the double champ!! Lots of work to do to get better though. Here are some of my lifts. Not even sure which ones they are haha #clockingin #powerlifting #uspapowerlifting #uspa


1 day away from trying to lift some heavy stuff @fitcon. I will be competing on Friday starting at 2pm through the evening. GO TO THE LINK IN MY BIO TO DONATE TO @makeawishutah AS WELL AND GET 5 dollars off entrance fee to fitcon. @uspautah #makeawish #powerlifting #fitcon #fitness #giving


Please help out if you can! Great cause for some great people! Link is in my bio as well to donate... Repost from @jakeyb_43 Attention all fitcon athletes!! We’re teaming up with @fitcon and @makeawishutah to raise money for these wish kids! If you’d like to be a part of this go to and register! We need as much help as we can! There are prizes for the athletes that raise the most money too. Even $5 will make a huge difference! Tag anyone you know that’s competing at fitcon! If you’re not an athlete and would like to donate please go to the link in my profile.


Just a few doubles yesterday at 315. This was my worst set but the only one I got on video. Less than 3 weeks until competition time April 12 at @fitcon . Hoping for some baby PR’s all around. #fitcon @uspautah @bigmountainbarbell #powerlifting


Love this girl! @collectively.keesha She is pretty, beautiful, smart, strong, an amazing mom, makes me feel special, hard working, and so many other things. I consider myself lucky to say the least.


Shredding some knnnaaaarrr!! The pizza didn’t last long but we had a good time for sure. #sledding #winter #sundayfunday


While it has actually been more than one year we made this relationship “Facebook official” one year ago. It has flown by and it has been a good time! Love you tons @collectively.keesha


Twas a week of of Christmas celebrations full of movies, arcades, gingbreads, elves, tons of food, museums, more food, presents, santa, and good times. But the best was just being with these 2 and family. Best Christmas yet! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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