Harry Lam

Music is the fuel for my soul; Movement is my weapon against atrophy; Mountains are my church, my places to feel peace and humility.


@twotired0911 photos and videos

This is one of a few shots that I actually used @lightroom on, for a few reasons. I love the way that the background lighting surrounds @memphishennesy during the Tom Petty Tribute show. Comment below which one you like...the original or the black n white one. #canon80d


Better late than never, but it's good to take some time to post some of my favourite shots from the @royalblissband Tom Petty Tribute show @depotslc on March 8. So many thanks to @screw_you_art and @nealbliss for the photo pass and making sure that I was all set before the show. It meant so much. #canon80d #learningtofly


To me, there's nothing quite like the opportunity to capture these guys. @royalblissband has held a special place for me, for years, and in some small way, photography may be a way that I can show my appreciation and show how I see them as artists. #canon80d #goodfriendsgoodmusicbeautifulwomen


Ah, nothing like Friday nights at @theroyalslc and especially for St Patty's day! Reloaded ripped up the stage, and here are some of my favourite shots.


Direct support for this show were students from the School of Rock in Sandy, Rust. Led by @linziemmm , their passion and talents really raised the mood and anticipation for the headliners.


"Eyes on the Rail". I love seeing a perspective on my point of view for different shots. Thanks for catching this @lois.arnold.16


Moab Expedition: day 3. This was an all day marathon, which started with Mesa arch for sunrise (spoiler alert...the clouds won this one), then to Corona Arch, ending the day for a sunset at the Windows arches. #canon80d #utahgram


Moab Expedition; day 2 @canyonlandsnps This day would take us 70 miles south of Moab, to Cave Springs and Pothole Point. So many shapes, standing waters from the previous day's rains...and watching a true desert squal rolling in from 3 sides. #canon80d #utahrocks #utahgram


Moab Expedition; day 1. @archesnps North and South Window arches, Turit arch, and Double arch. I'll admit that going to Moab this time around, had high hopes of finding snow on the red rock. However, Moab did not disappoint, and as an unexpected bonus, rains brought a different photo experience for me. *An added bonus was meeting @frankleeruggles , who had scrambled up on the east side of North Window arch, taking an old school 8x10 pic on a glass plate. #canon80d #utahgram


Yeah, a silly post I'll admit, but I'll also admit that I was stoked to try this #orangevanillacoke By now, this bottle is almost empty, and I really dig it!


Came home early today to shake off a chest cold, and found this sweet little remedy on the couch. There's nothing quite like a candy card, but inside was a print of one of my winter shots on metal! Thank you so much for this and all that you do for and with me @lois.arnold.16


Yeah it's been a while since I posted a dumb ole dinner pic, but I figured why not. Besides, when they throw in that buff of a knife with the broiled chicken breasts, dinner's gonna be good.


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