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Happiest in my activewear 😝 @keepitcleaner


Some of my favourite photos ever were taken by you in Bali @itsjoshmiller - reckon we can do that again this trip? 😝


Squat pulses with all 400 of you 😍 Thank you so much to everyone who came and did a @keepitcleaner workout with us at this years Workout and Wines with @jaseandpj (well.. with @pjdeejay ... @jase_hawkins NO FAKE BROKEN BONES NEXT TIME Mr!). @djkfitness I seriously disliked you when that round of jump squats came on but other than that you were okay I guess 😝 Thanks to my @brasnthings family for sponsoring the event again! Feeling so so overwhelmed with joy looking back at these little videos and photos from today, so so so cool to see so many people KIC’ing it. ❤️❤️❤️🥰 Until next year! 😝


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Bang bang ✨ @rachelvitullo ✂️ @joeyscandizzosalon


When the runners come on, he knows it’s time for walkiiiessss 🥰 @itsjoshmiller @arigolddog


Happy hump day 😝😎 @sodashades


New KIC POD episode 🤗 two very special women ... the most influential to us ... our mums ❤️🥰 Hope you enjoy it 😘


My workout buddy 💪🏼🙌🏼 @laura.henshaw ... can be your workout buddy too 😉👉🏻 @keepitcleaner 🥰


Absolutely not a before and after... there is nothing wrong with either pic, it was what happened in between that was the issue. On the left, 18yrs old and healthy. On the right, 25 and healthy. 10kgs difference. In the years between the two I have experienced so many different emotions towards myself and my body. I went through a stage of hating the fact that I couldn’t look like my 18year old self anymore, because I was under the impression that that was how I had to be if I wanted to ever fully make it in the modeling industry internationally. I thought it was so unfair that when I was 18 I could eat junk food and all that and basically only go on 4 power walks a week and do some sit ups at home and look like that on the left.. and yet when my body started developing and I started getting curves and gaining weight as many women do in their 20s I was exercising so much more, and eating so much more ‘healthy’ I was confused because I could never get my body back to that. I’m sharing this with you because I know there would be so many girls out there who agree, that that time in your early 20s, or for some it’s even younger, when your metabolism slows down and you’re no longer fitting in old clothes it can be scary! But please do me a favour and don’t waste years of your life hating on your body like I did because it changed. I look after my body and my mind by living a healthy and balanced life. I no longer weigh myself, measure myself, or stress about old clothes not fitting because I know it doesn’t define my health. The next time you go to weigh yourself ask yourself why you’re doing it... if it’s because you think a certain number is going to make you happy I can almost guarantee that it won’t. Now I’m not sitting here typing this out as someone with a perfect relationship with myself... there is no end to your journey of self love, and we will forever still have some off or bad days. But as long as you become aware of those days, and learn how to pull yourself out of them... you’ll be fine ❤️ @keepitcleaner


Happy Mother’s Day to you mum. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Murray. Your love, support, selflessness and strength as a mum have never gone unnoticed ❤️ And happy Mother’s Day to all the other incredible mums out there. 🥰


Work hard rest hard 😂 Nothing better than a weekend of doing nothing after a busy week of work. Anyone else much prefer a night in to a night out? 🙋🏼‍♀️


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