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How to feel more confident in your bikini you ask? Stop worrying about what other people think of you. It doesn’t matter what we look like, we all have insecurities. The truth of the matter is we pick on ourselves a whole lot more than anyone else would pick on us. We tend to see our insecurities so easily and believe the whole world are looking at them - truth is they’re not... and they’ve probably done something to work up the courage to be in their bikini too that day. If you’ve got a bikini and you’ve got a body, you’ve got a bikini body my friend. Start to appreciate your body for what it can do more so than what it looks like - and just as you see the positives and compliment others, do so to yourself. 💗 @keepitcleaner


Whether it’s brekkie on the go or an afternoon snack, we both bloody love @yoproau 😜 This vid is a little #bts from one of our KIC shoot days 😊 My favourite flavours are passionfruit and mango! What’s yours 😊 #YoPRO


We are both so incredibly proud to be ambassadors of the #witcherywhiteshirt campaign this year. Did you know that ovarian cancer claims an Australian women’s life every 8 hours. There is also no noninvasive early detection test and the symptoms can be as common as bloating and fatigue. During the campaign, funds raised from white shirt sales either online or in store from April 11th will support research endeavors to develop an early detection test that is noninvasive, cost effective and accessible to all women. @witcheryfashion @ocrf


One of my favourite campaigns I’ve shot 🙌🏼 @babygaustralia #prettytoughgirls


Because Sydney’s showing us no sight of sun, #flashback to when we were in the sunny Maldives 😍 @discoversoneva #discoversoneva


Just uploaded a GRWM with @jadetunchy using our new @maccosmeticsaustralia products 🤗 It’s on our Keep It Cleaner Girls channel on YouTube ❤️ let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe!😘


Family 🤗 @itsjoshmiller @arigolddog


There’s a @babygaustralia watch for every outfit 😜 #prettytoughgirls


Happy birthday to my no. 1 ❤️ @itsjoshmiller


To me living a healthy life is all about balance. I got a message from a KIC Girl today and unfortunately it’s actually something I get asked about all the time from so many of you out there. She was feeling guilty about having a fun night out and having some sweet treats and fried food, and also is frustrated as she feels these ‘treat’ meals are refraining her from reaching her physical goals. After I responded to her I couldn’t stop thinking about it because it made me think back to the time when I had a similar relationship with myself and with food. First of all I think we all need to question our goals. In my opinion, to have a healthy relationship with yourself your goals need to be things outside of your physical appearance. If you’re constantly thinking about your physical appearance and nothing else you can loose sight of what’s important... having a life and having FUN! Healthy = Happy to me... we could all be skinner, or leaner... but we all also have different healthy weight ranges... we all sit at a different weight when living a healthy life and that’s just genetics... sometimes the only way to get smaller, skinnier or more toned is to do some unhealthy things... or to miss out on things you love. I personally believe if you’re living a life that makes you feel happy, energized and amazing on the inside then you’re healthy and that’s all that matters 🤗❤️ I’m currently living my most balanced and healthy life, I’m not the skinniest I’ve ever been and I love it. @keepitcleaner


Heheh eeeeek it’s out 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I still get messages everyday saying ‘omg you’re in this song’ or ‘did you know you were in a song by @gflip ‘ 😂😂 answer is yes of course! G messaged me last year before the song ‘Drink too Much’ dropped to make sure I was totally cool with it all and then asked about being in her film clip! I’ve always wanted to be in a music video clip hahah and she was an absolute legend to work with! So much fun! Check out my story if you’d like the link to the full clip! 🤗


When I can feel those stubborn pimples coming up I love to pop on a good clay mask. Been using @alyaskinaus and I’m loving it. Love supporting Aussie brands, especially when they’re all natural and make my skin feel amazing💗


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