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My self-tanner secrets!! ☀️ guys, today on stories I’m sharing my tips & tricks for tanning your face & hands with my favorite self-tanner from @fakebakeusa. They have a face tanner that is the holy grail when it comes to tanning your hands & face in my humble opinion 😏 those are always the trickiest spots so head to IG stories for the detailed tutorial #yourewelcome . Most of you may know I’ve been using @fakebakeusa for literally years, and I’ve tried A LOT of other brands and they remain my go-to. For my body I love their coconut serum and their flawless (darker) spray. Always bronzed, never orange or streaky. . Even on vacay, like in Mexico 👆🏼, I used @fakebakeusa. I typically don’t have time to lay out for hours & the sun is terrible for your skin so my tan is always fake 😌 . Have any of you tried @fakebakeusa? Thoughts?! What I use on my face & hands from them will be linked in stories, and I’ll link those 2 favorite body self tanners as well! Also, feel free to use code 🌟CLAIRE25 🌟for the next 7 days for 25% off 🙌🏼 Also they currently have free shipping too! Any questions, drop them below👇🏼


🇲🇽 New blog post with all the details on the Mexico trip with @fairmontmayakoba!! Link in bio 👆🏼〰️it’s kind of crazy to think that last time I was in the cenotes was 2 years ago during our honeymoon 🍯🌙 At the time, I was only working with a few brands here and there...sharing about them on my blog and IG. Never did I think I would get the opportunity to work with brands and properties as amazing as @fairmontmayakoba. Crazy what can happen when you continue to pursue what you love and put in a lot of hard work 💚 . But really, I felt so lucky to be on this trip—I mean it didn’t even feel like work! The resort’s grounds were so gorgeous and peaceful, the staff was so kind and attentive, and the food was some of the best food I’ve ever had 🥑🐙 We had the perfect balance of activities like yoga & snorkeling on site🧘🏼‍♀️🐠 and then it was just a quick drive to visit these breath taking cenotes 😍 Needless to say @fairmontmayakoba and this trip get an A+ in my book! Sharing all the details plus a lot more photos the blog 〰️link in bio! #fairmontmayakoba #fairmontmoments


The best kind of partnerships are the ones that have literally changed your life @hinge❣️ . 4 years ago I downloaded @hinge. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and just wanted to date casually. The LAST thing I wanted was to get into another serious relationship right away. But they always say when you aren’t looking, you end up finding the one☝🏼 I downloaded the @hinge app and 2 days later I met up with Stephen for our first and last date 💑 . The average time someone spends on @hinge is less than 8 minutes before they agree to meet up. The app is designed to get you off quickly & meet in real life to see what your connection is like. 8 minutes 😱 That’s pretty short! I honestly don’t know if I would have believed that upon just hearing it, but that sounds pretty accurate with Stephen & me 😏 . I love that we live in a time where it’s easier to find and connect with people. Have any of you had a quick app to date experience? 💓 #hinge #partner


☝🏼 I hope you all got a good laugh of the BTS of this photo from @sguentz1221’s stories 😂 ✌🏼 it’s amazing what some small changes can do for you physically AND mentally 👏🏼 . The last few weeks I’ve been mixing up my workouts with my trainer—we’ve been doing a little bit of traditional weights mixed with strength training (still using free weights & resistance bands). I used to only do more traditional weight lifting but lately I wanted to incorporate move movement in my routines (to help build my endurance) but didn’t really want to do cardio. I wanted exercises that had some cardio elements while still building muscle & strength 💪🏼 I’m now genuinely looking forward to my workouts more than I have in a while. Point is: if you’re getting bored—mix it up! . As far as food, during the #CGMacroChallenge I decided to decrease my carbs a tiiiiny bit (around 25g) since I was feeling a little “blah” from the lack of routine over the last couple months. The physical changes are slight, and probably only noticeable to me but if I feel better in my own skin, and mentally I’m starting to feel better 🙇🏼‍♀️ Remember, small changes that are sustainable win every time 🙌🏼 . Do you have anything new that you’ve been incorporating that you’ve really been loving?! . Also, ⭐️Giveaway for my #CGMacroChallenge girls!!⭐️ TWO of you will win my favorite wireless headphones (BackBeat Fit 3100) from @plantronics! These are my go-to for workouts, and NEVER fall out! Remember to follow all the requirements to enter ☺️


Happy Easter from our little family!🐰 . Started off the day strong with hearing an amazing message at church this morning (more on stories), brunch with my parents....and then found Fritz chewing on my brand new passport 😳 ...but it’s Easter, so we allowed him in the family photo 🙃 . Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! What’s one thing you all did?!


I want to be really honest with you guys. Lately I’ve been struggling a lot with imposter syndrome. As a fitness blogger & influencer, I feel the pressure to look a certain way. I’ve had the thoughts (while scrolling through IG), that plenty of women look better than me and they aren’t even blogging about fitness or health. It definitely makes me feel insecure, and feel like I need to look “better” since I’m an “expert” in this space. . At the end of the day I know its crazy but, like anyone else, I see the other (fitness) bloggers with 0 stretch marks and a 6-pack. Realistically, I know that body takes a level of discipline that I'm not interested in committing. I've been there, done that, and I decided that for me, it wasn't fun. . But it’s still a hard thing to accept sometimes. I try to remind myself that my message here is about BALANCE. Consistent workouts AND consistent rest days. Simple movement like walking the dog AND gym-based workouts. Healthy/clean foods AND donuts and wine. Because that really is what my life looks like. . I shared these thoughts last week with the girls who get my newsletters and asked them to write back to me with their thoughts. I got a handful of emails back saying that this IS why they love to follow me; because of this message I’m sharing. . I just want you to know that we ALL have our struggles despite what it may look like. Thank you for letting me have a little space where I can promote workouts AND donuts—because you know I could never give those up!


🌴 So sad to be back from Mexico, but still feeling the jungle vibes with new @goldsheepclothing!! 🐆🐆🐆 . Something on my mind during the trip—I know social media & comparison can be really hard at times. Like, let’s be honest, it’s not the most fun to open up IG and see someone popping champs..on a boat..on a Monday. . That said, I love sharing these experiences with you but I NEVER want my content to make someone feel bad. I was telling @johhhanna during our trip that I never want my posts to come across as “braggy” or “look what I get to do.” My goal here is to help inspire & motivate you to live your best life (while being healthy & balanced). . Trips like this are of course so fun to go on, but there’s also so much work that goes on behind the scenes that you don’t see. I just say this as a reminder that IG is a highlight reel. I feel VERY blessed and grateful for these opportunities, and I want you to know that. I feel like it can be very easy to make assumptions and comparisons from a glimpse of a few IG photos. . Do you guys ever feel this way whether it comes to making assumptions or playing the comparison game? Would love to hear your thoughts on this 💭 . And on that note—switching gears to something a little more light hearted! ⭐️Giveaway for my #CGMacroChallenge girls ⭐️ One of you will get to pick out a @goldsheepclothing set of your choice! Remember to follow all the requirements to enter 😌


Who’s been to Mexico?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s honestly one of my favorite places to vacation. Easy to get to, beautiful beaches, fresh has it all! Oh, and drinks out of coconuts 🥥 #yesplease . Usually work trips are so jam packed that I don’t get to actually enjoy a lot of it, but our stay at @fairmontmayakoba was the exact opposite! Obviously work was involved but we also got to take advantage of everything they have to offer on the property 🙌🏼 Snorkeling, biking, the spa, trying all the restaurants on site, getting in exercise....I feel like we did it all! (I was starting to feel bad towards the end of the trip that Stephen missed it! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely come back, babe 😏) . What types of vacations do you guys like? If you love the beach and somewhere that you can stay active and relax, I’d definitely recommend the @fairmontmayakoba. It’s one of the nicest trips I’ve had in a while and I like to think I’m fairly experienced in the travel department 😌 I’m going to go ahead & link the resort in stories so you can check it out if you need some ideas for your next vacay 💃🏼 #fairmontmayakoba #fairmontmoments


Unlimited margs + chips & guac is a dangerous combo 🍹🥑 but I like to live life on the edge 😏 I’m all about a spicy marg 🌶 especially the passionfruit 😍 do you like spicy or sweet?! Cheers to our last night! @fairmontmayakoba #fairmontmoments


On a boat, drinking out of a coconut! ⛵️🥥 It’s a hard life but someone’s gotta do it 😏 . But in all seriousness, feeling super grateful to be here with @fairmontmayakoba 🙏🏼 We just finished this boat ride around the property, had massages, and now we’re off to the cenotes 🙌🏼 . Have any of you been to a cenote before?! Stephen & I did a few on our honeymoon and they were so beautiful. Except they are kind of hard to breath in once you’re down there 😬 Did any of you guys feel that way too?! Wish me luck! 🤞🏼#fairmontmoments #fairmontmayakoba


What you think snorkeling will be like 👉🏼 “I’m just going to put my hair up in a little bun so it doesn’t get wet, and just dip my face in to see the fish and coral.” 🐡 . What snorkeling is actually like 👉🏼 “Omg apparently I can’t learn how to breathe out my mouth & swim simultaneously. If I make it back to shore it will be a miracle” 😂 (snapshot of IG vs. reality of @omandthecity & I on stories lolol) . Anyone else have the same experience when it comes to snorkeling?! 😅 Currently treating ourselves to some fresh squeezed margs poolside after all that hard work 💃🏼 Our stay at @fairmontmayakoba has been the perfect balance of being active & relaxing! Yoga, snorkeling, & lounging by the pool. Doesn’t get much better! 🌴 What activity of those would you choose?! #fairmontmoments #fairmontmayakoba


Yogurt bowl IN a coconut! 🥥 Does it get any cuter?! #basic (and totally okay with it 🙆🏼‍♀️) . Well guys, I made it to Mexico! 💃🏼 I’m here at @fairmontmayakoba for the next few days & so far it’s been great! We had a sunrise yoga session this morning🧘🏼‍♀️🌅 which I actually enjoyed 😂 Usually I’m either bored or it’s way too hard for me and I just feel defeated LOL but this session was a great in between 👌🏼 Anyone else feel this way?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Afterwards we had breakfast & went snorkeling which I’ve never done 🐠 Okay, the last time I did it was on a family vacay when I was like 10 so it doesn’t count 😆 It was so fun! . Also! Just a quick chat about eating on vacay + macros! I typically am one to indulge more on vacations but especially with the #CGMacroChallenge going on I’m being more mindful of what I’m eating & I feels good 🙏🏼 Last night I dinner I obviously had the chips & guac (how can you not?!) but didn’t go overboard and then ate a ton of fresh seafood to get in protein 🥑🐟 Oh, and a few bites of dessert 🍨 And today for breakfast I opted for yogurt, avocado toast w/ egg + salmon, & turkey sausage instead of the banana chocolate French toast (which I’m sure would have been 🤤). . There’s no right or wrong what you choose to do—sometimes it’s about being more relaxed & other times not. I will say though that I’ve been feeling really good fueling up on all the fresh food here 🙌🏼 you know I’m all about balance so just sharing my approach—It’s not perfect, but it’s honest! . #fairmontmoments #mayakoba #fairmontmayakoba


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