4 years ago, many of you know I lost my dad to suicide. This day is never easy. I shared a video on R U OK Day that explained a little more about what had happened in the hope that it might help someone who might be going/gone through something similar. Because god knows I needed something like that with what I was going through but no one I knew of was really talking about it. My Dad was amazing, I loved him so much and the way he loved me helped shape me into the person I am today. To me, he was everything it meant to be a dad.. strong, masculine, protective, loving but also very sensitive and caring. But no matter how strong you think someone is, unfortunately you do not know the full extent of what they are going through. Especially a parent who is trying to protect you. He was broken and worn out from continual heartbreaking things being done to him though and it lead us to this day 4 years ago. If you or someone you know is doing it tough -- please speak to someone, don't retreat to silence and being alone (as much as it may feel comfortable), you have the strength to change your situation, day by day. I’ve said this before, change does not and generally can't happen over night, it's a journey, but a journey worth having because you are just as loved and as important as anyone on this planet. I’ve gone through really hard days & the nights, well they are the worst. It’s quiet and your mind just starts going over everything, but it's all normal. Cry, scream, feel sad.. these are all common feelings and our body just has to let it out. It all leads to a better place for you if you let it. Just don’t STAY there. Work on it every day. One thing that really helped me through this was my counsellor. I think it’s a common misconception that if you have to talk to someone you are weak, or have problems. But talking to someone who is professionally equipped to help you deal with your emotions and situations is tremendously important & there are many places that offer these services, a lot of them are even for free. (continued below)


Oyun Oyun